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Midlife Renaissance: Is It Your Time to Shine?

Midlife has been described as a time when we are called to let go of what we are so that we can become what we were meant to be. For some of us, this transition occurs easily. It feels natural to take all of our accumulated experience and wisdom and forge a new journey for the second half of our lives. For the lucky ones, midlife represents a personal renaissance: It is a time to dream new dreams and realize, finally, all that we are capable of becoming.

Or Are You Heading for a Crisis...

For many of us, sadly, midlife signals a time of physical upheaval and emotional turmoil. Our lives are not turning out the way we had hoped and we secretly fear that our best years have already been lived. We may find ourselves in a constant state of overwhelm, where nothing in our lives feels "right."

Our careers have stalled and we no longer find fulfillment in our work. We feel like we've given our life's blood to a profession that has changed beyond recognition.

After decades of convenience foods, too little exercise and sleep deprivation, our bodies are crying out in the only way they know how: With illness, dis-ease, relentless stress and crushing fatigue.

As our children mature and our parents age, we are indeed feeling "sandwiched" between conflicting responsibilities and lost opportunities. Our relationships have dwindled to five minute conversations, emails and text messages.

We are starting to wonder about the purpose of it all. Why, indeed, are we here? Where is our connection with the Infinite?

Perhaps the call to action occurs when we suddenly realize that we have missed many cherished moments because we were just too busy. The past is a blur and we dread an equally shadowy future. How do we slow down and wake up to the only moment we can actually hold on to -- this one, right now? 

Elevate Your Life with Coaching

Here is the good news: It's not too late. You can have the life of your dreams! We have within ourselves the power to create and enjoy the lives we are yearning for. We can discover -- or rediscover -- the things that make us truly happy, purposeful and fulfilled. We can change our lives into something authentic and satisfying.

We can thrive.

And you don't have to travel this road alone. Coaching creates a clear and open path to personal transformation, with the encouraging and non-judgemental support of a professional coach, focused on your life and your goals.

As your Coach, I will help you build a compelling vision of how you want your life to be. Within the context of structured and supportive phone conversations, we will identify the specific, achievable goals that will bring about the change you seek.

We will design actionable steps that will create an immediate sense of progress along your path to personal growth and well-being. Using specific tools and techniques, I will guide you as you break through your perceived shortcomings and limiting beliefs to connect with your personal power and creativity.

Our sessions will be empowering, efficient, inspiring and fun! 

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